Hi Jane here,

Here is my honest review of the Megan MacDonald’s popular bacterial vaginosis home treatment program called “BV Miracle.”

What follows is my unbiased review of BV Miracle, the good and the bad, plus my personal before-and-after experience with using the information in this book. But before getting to that I will tell you a little bit about why I bought this book.

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I’m sure the number one things you want to know is “Does BV Miracle work?” If you don’t really want to read this entire review then just skip to the bottom for an answer to that question.


My Personal Story

I had a bacterial vaginosis infection in the summer of 2010.  I went to my doctor and she prescribed me a drug called flagyl, which seemd to make a differece, totally got rid of BV — or so I thought.  About six weeks later the fishy smell and itching came back with a vengeance when I started dating my new boyfriend.

I went back to the doctor and she prescribed me more flagyl since it seemed to work.  She explained that bacterial vaginosis can come back after treatment and try again and hope for the best. She also gave me some advice like “Don’t wipe from the back to the front” and “make sure your boyfriend has showered before having sex.”

Same thing happened again.  The symptoms went away for a few weeks and then I had the fishy smell again.

At this point I started doing research on the internet and I found countless stories from other women who had basically the same story. It was during this research that I stumbled across BV Miracle which is recommended by several websites.


Deciding the Buy BV Miracle

I was a bit skeptical when I first saw the BV Miracle website and I didn’t buy the product the first time I saw it.  I thought I would just keep looking for free information.

After doing some more research and asking questions in places like Yahoo Answers, I figured I would just take a chance and buy BV Miracle to see what it could do for me.

I read the BV Miracle website more thoroughly and a lot of what was said on the site was true: things like recurring infections, frustration with antibiotics, doctors that don’t really help, and things like that. A lot of it hit the nail on the head for me.

I was getting really frustrated with having bacterial vaginosis and I had already paid something like $100 for the treatments my doctors told me to use and they didn’t really solve the problem, so paying $30 for something that looked promising seemed a logical decision and there was a money back guarantee anyway.


My Honest Review of BV Miracle

My first impression of BV Miracle was not really favorable but I changed my mind after reading the whole thing and I’ll explain why in a minute.

When I first started reading it I thought to myself “I already know a lot of this” because I had read it online for free, but I can see how it would be useful for someone who didn’t do as much online reading as I did before buying it.

Thr first part of the book covers all the basics of bacterial vaginosis in a way that is easy to read, easy to understand and it’s all in one place – you don’t have to flip around several websites to find all that info. There were also a couple things in there that I hadn’t read before, but nothing that was overly impressive up to this point.

The section on treatment was much more useful.


What Are the Treatments in BV Miracle?

It would be unfair to publish the treatments in BV Miracle in this review (and probably copyright infringement of some kind) so I’m not going to do that, but I will say that I hadn’t heard of these strategies before.

I hope I’m not saying too much here, but the basic idea is to perform a special kind of douche to reduce the bacteria levels in the vagina that cause BV and then make some changes to your diet to enable your body to naturally prevent infections.

When I first read the part about the douching treatment my first thought was “That’s strange. I had read douching wasn’t recommended.”  But the real secret here is doing a special kind of douche and I would like to say that it provided me with instantaneous relief!

After performing the recommended treatment in the book the fishy smell was almost completely gone.  I was very pleasantly surprised by that.

The next part of the solution is to make sure that it doesn’t come back and this is something I think is left out by using antibiotic treatments like flagyl. The recommended strategies to accomplish this are mostly dietary changes and some hygeine recommendations. They are pretty easy to do and it helped a lot.

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My Overall Opinion of BV Miracle

Overall I was very satisfied with purchasing BV Miracle.  When I first started reading it I didn’t think much of it, but once I did the treatments I was very happy with the outcome.

It was not an overnight cure.  The recommended douche did get rid of the fishy odor almost right away, but I had to stick with the dietary and perform the douche a couple more times in the first few weeks.


The Big Question: “Does BV Miracle work?”

For me the answer is yes. It worked for me.  If you have bacterial vaginosis I strongly recommend getting this product.  I can’t guarantee it will work for you, but it is definitely worth a try.

I purchased it in late November (2010), it is now March (2011), and I haven’t had any problems with BV since around Christmas time.

Click Here for The Official Website for BV Miracle